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It was a pleasure for us to design this house: it is not “only” an apartment building, it is a contemporary in the true sense of the word, but also a traditional town house, ie a house with various uses, which we think is very important for the life of the place. Another thing that we enjoyed working on the design was the fact that it is a completion of the gap, the opportunity to further participate in the revitalization of this part of old Liben. We have been working here for a long time, in the immediate vicinity we have been preparing a project for a part of the administrative and commercial area on the site of the original production area, which also included the conversion of the historic industrial hall, so we know the construction site well. Libeň has a strong memory of the place and a strong history, a good position in the city, and therefore the potential to become an attractive city district like Karlín or Holešovice in its neighborhood.

The charm of this part of “Palmovka” lies in its certain organized disorder: the historical traces and scale of the original Jewish town are still preserved here and mixed with the traditional city blocks of the 19th century. To this is added another layer of production areas, which, although gradually disappearing, have affected the existing spatial arrangement. The new extensions allow more and more passages, vistas and offer various nooks and crannies.

We tried to respond to all this with the house: the number of floors and shaping is based on the different environment of adjacent streets: this respect of the surroundings but also allowed to shape the house to offer generous outdoor terraces with flower beds and but in the given position of the city with the necessary privacy.

However, the specific shape of the plot added another important element to the building, which is its central stairwell. Instead of standard impersonal stair sections, the house in Zenklova Street offers a generously lit lighted hall, which is the authentic center of the building, a place for residents to meet each other, or just a daily experience of its space and the play of outdoor light in it.

Jakub Fišer and Kristýna Zámostná, Aulík Fišer architects



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